Monday, August 8, 2011

Whirlwind week...

Man the past two weeks have flown for us! A lot of little things here and there have kept us mega busy!

  Brandon turned the big 3-0! Woo hoo:) he of course wanted no party! lol So we went to Tulsa to our favorite mexican place: Teds- it is a MUST TRY! Then we did some house shopping got a new table for the entry way & a picture for above the couch YAY! The next day we spent in NWA where we went to Fleet feet & he got some custom running shoes.

  Kinley has taken up a new hobby- playing the guitar! I always said I wanted my kids to try everything but this kid may take it to extreme!!! This week she has some form of practice, lesson, or camp from morning to night! But I love that she's really involved in things instead of just sitting at home in front of a TV.

   And as for my sweet man Hudson he's just as great as ever:) tooth # 2 is coming in. He's waving and saying bye-bye, giving high-fives and just getting into everything!!!

  Saturday we had a shower for one of the girls from our SS class at our house. It was so nice to have all the girls over. We seriously have some of the best girls ever in our class! Baby Jaylee got some great things & we all got to chat and enjoy good food and cake:)

So I have to say my life is full, busy and sometimes chaotic but I just LOVE my life it's just getting better by the day!

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