Friday, October 28, 2011

Never thought...

 I never thought... I would love dinosaurs or rocketships or trains or farm animals or frogs but this little boy has me ooh-ing and ahh-ing over every Thomas the train or barnyard animal we pass!! Tonight Hudson and I went to Kohls and of course we browsed the toy section:) I just love playing trucks with him, we just roll those things all up and down the hallway everyday. But I just never imagined I would find myself thinking dinosaurs were "cute" but somehow when you become a mom of a boy all these things gain the cute factor. He loves anything with a frog on it so now I do to! Although I am dreading the day he brings a real frog in my house....that frog I will NOT love! Now don't get me wrong I love doing all my girly stuff with Kinley but I am really enjoying the new boy-ish things in my life:)

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