Thursday, October 6, 2011

Life lately..

  Oh how I LOVE watching this little girl cheer on the same field as I did:) This was on kick-off, her first time to fly as a 7th grade cheerleader! So far the 7th grade is undefeated!! Maybe it's beacause they have such great cheerleaders!?!?! Lol She is also running cross-country right now so we have some form of practice, game or meet every night but she loves it so it makes it worth all the time.
We just broke this little cutie from the bottle!!! Tear, can't believe he will be ONE in less than two weeks!!! He just gets sweeter by the day:) He is laughing in this picture, at his sissy of course! He is her number one fan! Everything she does just cracks him up! He is just learning new things by the minute. He loves to clap now. I spilled something in the floor the other day and he just clapped and clapped over his mommy making a big ol' mess!

  Hunting season has begun so Brandon is loving that! And between all of Kinley's stuff we are getting ready for Hudson's Birthday party. We decided to do to small ones. On his Birthday we will have a playdate with friends and have lunch and cupcakes, then that weekend have a family party. Can't wait!                         

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