Wednesday, October 26, 2011

He's ONE

                                                                                     That's right my baby man turned ONE!!!

On his birthday we had several great friends over for lunch and cupcakes. So fun...we have some wonderful friends in our life. It was nice to chat with all the girls while the kidos just ran wild and played! Then on the weekend we had our family party. Hudson had a blast he loved opening his gifts and he just played and played but was time for cake. He HATED the cake!!! I mean cried real alligator tears!!! He smacked his hand right into the center of the cake pulled it out and screamed!!! hahaha At one point he cried and said Dada get me!So he did:) I tried a cupcake later- still not a fan. I cannot figure out how my child can't like cake!?!? Pretty sure I ate cake daily when he was in the womb!
So needless to say it was a great week at the Hardcastle house.

   Tonight I hosted a pink or blue party for my Sisterinlaw and it's a BOY! I wanted a girl just to dress up and so I could buy those frilly girls bows and dresses but as you can probably tell I sure love baby boys!!!  I'm so anxious for this baby to get here! You never know how much you can love someone elses chid until you become an Aunt:)

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