Friday, August 16, 2013

That baby voice.

I told Brandon yesterday that I will be so sad the day Hudson loses his sweet baby voice. He just has the cutest voice I've ever heard! And boy he says the funniest things in that sweet voice:) some I will never forget!
I was in the target bathroom the other day & Hudson said "momma are you putting nasty in the potty?" Me: No son I'm just going pee pee. H: Oh well you should push all dat nasty out of your bobo bc it stinks & belongs in the potty. I walk out of the stall to three moms who all said he's two right?! Ha guess all moms have been embarrassed in a public restroom at some point.
The other night we had planned on going out to dinner so I didn't cook. Well I guess Hudson noticed I wasn't doing my normal afternoon routine bc he said "momma you make daddy dinner or he spank your bobo!" 
He dribbled a bit of pee in his underwear and I said Hudson did you pee pee your pants?! He said "no momma Thomas just cried a little" so now any time he needs to go to the bathroom he says I better hurry momma so Thomas doesn't cry in my dun-der-wear.
He told a lady in SAMs today "your baby is crying loud he needs a bottle now!" The mom laughed and said I agree! 
At lunch he said momma my dinosaurs think my sandwich is delicious but they want strawberries and juice to. He also says baby sissy wants me to play trains all day:)

He's just growing so fast. I've got to do better about jotting down these memories:)

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