Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big day here!!:)

Little miss just had all kinds of fun today!

It started out with bubba snuggles of course!;)
Her first time to wear a bib! (Yes I document everything)
Ready for her first bite of food. I let Hudson pick. He chose peas.
She was not sure what to think about them!?! Many many facial expressions were made during her first meal.
We also played dress up in sisters old clothes.
Kinley at 2 weeks old.
Then Analyn at 4 1/2 months old. I've been waiting on her to grow into it so I could take her picture in it. (That's the difference in a 9lb baby & a 6lb baby!)
Cracks me up!!! Pretty sure fashion has changed a tad over the past 13 years!! I told Kinley I would save it for her girl. She was thrilled! Ha

Analyn def looks a lot like Hudson but I do see some resemblance in my girls:)
At last but not least my big girl sat up all by herself!!!

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