Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stepping out

Last summer I did a Bible study called "So long insecurities" by Beth Moore. {loved it} While going thru the study I realized I don't have a ton of personal insecurity. I'm a very love it or leave it kind of girl. But I do have spiritual insecurities. I am much more of a helper than a doer.  I just always think there are so many people who are better equipped than me. I have never been on a mission trip (aside from ones when I was in youth that were state side) I admire all my friends who have done this! So when they have went I have done various things to "help" I've watched their pets. Taken their kids to school. Babysat. Made meals for their families if the wife was gone. Watered their lawns. Because in my mind I just need to help because I could never actually do it! 

Well I decided I was going to work on this better and going to be more of a doer and be open to what God calls me to do. Three weeks into the study I get a call asking me to serve on our MOPS committee. I immediately said yes. Then I thought Oh. My. Word. I'm going to have to talk in front of 30-50 women!!! I get nervous as a cat every single time I get up there! My palms sweat. I talk super fast. I may even shake a little?! But I love it! It's nothing major I teach crafts to a bunch of fun moms but it is out of my comfort zone and its exactly what I am called to do right now. I have a passion for women's ministry right now especially young moms and MOPS is just the best place for that! So excited as our new year of MOPS begin and happy to be serving even though I'm still just as nervous as the day I began! 

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