Monday, September 24, 2012

The big 3-0!!!

Well Saturday was the first day in my thirties!!! I had a wonderful birthday week! (Yes we have a week in this family;) )

Brandon and I had a date night on Thursday since he had to work paint the park pink on my actual birthday. We went to chillis because I wanted their loaded cheese fries. Not even gonna lie we did not share this appetizer I ate them ALL. And I'm ok with that. Then he took me shopping. Which is a big deal for him because he hates the mall.

Then Saturday morning we went to Siloam for Kinely's XC meet. She did great averaged an 8 minute mile! Which is better than I expected since she has an injured ankle. Then we had lunch & dessert at abuelos. SO GOOD! Then did a little shopping at the promenade & masons. I got several new pairs of shoes. And a couple flowy tops. I was def not buying maternity clothes for my 30th birthday! Haha Hudson shopped like a champ, thank goodness! You just never know. The girls at masons got a kick out of him every shoe I tried on he said "oh dat cute!".

Then that night I met Hilary for a pedicure and we also took a quick stroll thru the new brick city emporium. Then met two other great friends for dinner at Olive Garden. Love those breadsticks. We had so much fun. I think we sat there and talked for over 3 hours. I haven't laughed that hard in forever. Pretty sure the tables around us got to hear some interesting stories.

I had a wonderful day and think my thirties are going to be the best years yet! Thankful and blessed!!!

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