Friday, September 21, 2012

23 months.

My baby boy will be 2 in less than a month!!!! Can't believe it. He just gets more fun by the day! He talks constantly unless he's got a drink in his hand and then you won't hear a peep from him until it's gone he chugs it!

Your still sissys boy! She can do no wrong in your eyes! Except maybe when she doesn't let you come upstairs with her:)

Your favorite food is pizza.

You are full blown obsessed with choo choo's! On TV. Real ones. Toy ones. You must wear choo choo pjs every single night!!!

You are very opinionated already. Wonder where you get that from?!;)

Your prayers at night at getting so detailed and sweet! Last night cracked me up because you prayed for the woods, the rabbits and your body! So random but so sweet! Of course your family too! You even pray for the new baby!:)

You will pat my stomach and say "baby sissy" Brandon says you say sissy because you have a sissy now so that's all you know. I say you may be right!

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