Wednesday, June 22, 2011

VBS & Mission trips

So last week our Church had VBS Kinley decided she wanted to work it with me instead of going this year. (ahh she's growing up so fast!) We worked with the 2 year old class and let me tell ya they are an active little bunch! I was constantly laughing at them there was not a one of them that didn't do at least one funny thing a day! Kinley worked hard because of course they all loved the idea of craft time but their tiny attention spans did not last quit long enough;) so Miss Kinley colored shirts, bags, purses, hats, and made them necklaces with their names on them. She told me she could see herself working in childrens ministry when she's older, I agree! This coming Monday she leaves for her first Mission trip! She is going to North Little Rock they are going to work at a food bank, clean up a park, and put on a VBS in a low income area whose Church couldn't afford it. I look forward to hearing her stories when she comes home!!!


  1. That is awesome Kinley! She has a big heart like her momma! Make sure & blog about her trip. I want to hear about it :)

  2. I just love that kid...and her momma! You and B are sure raising her in the Lord. So proud of the little lady God is molding her in to! She has a sweet, sweet heart for otherS!!:)

  3. Thanks girls! I will def blog about it:) i am so excited to hear about the wonderful experience I know she is going to have!