Friday, June 17, 2011

Bad Blogger!

 I seriously LOVE reading everyones blogs but never seem to have anything or any time to write in my own! I am going to try and do better :) But I really feel somewhat boring compared to some of the awesome blogs I read! lol It has been a busy couple of months for us. I watched my nephew for a couple of weeks until school was out and let me tell ya a 6 month old and a 12 month old keep ya hoppin'! But I really enjoyed spending the time with him, I want to be that "cool" aunt;). haha. Kinley has joined the cross-country team at school. Let me just brag a little and say she is stinking AWESOME!!! She just decided to run one day out of the blue & she is great at it! Every time I pick her up from practice she says it was easy no matter how hot it is or how far she has to run. She has my old Coach which is neat, he is a great guy super nice but makes them work hard. I am so excited for this summer looking forward to hanging out with friends and lots of time at the pool!

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