Sunday, June 26, 2011

Backyard photo shoot!

I was trying to get Mr. Hudson to go down for a nap the other night & of course my no-nap baby wasn't having it! So I thought why fight it! lol So I stipped his pj's off & dressed the kids up then we headed to the backyard for some new pics of my two favortie kidos:)! I am pretty pleased with how they turned out especially for a spur of the moment idea! After looking at some of the upclose shots I realized I had put my lipstick on Kinley instead of my clear lip gloss..oops made her look a little to big! Just wanted to clarify that the dark lips were a accident & that I am not one of those toddlers & tiaras mommas!! haha


  1. So sweet! I love spontaneous stuff! The pictures turned out great!

  2. Those are so great! YOu are a super momma and such a great example for your sweeties! What a blessing! Loe you!!