Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tricked him;)

So let me tell ya this teething has been ROUGH! But PTL a tooth has finally broke thru:) but my sweet man has not wanted to eat these past couple of days. I mean it was a fight to get him to eat 4oz of milk and baby food was out of the question! But of course he loved when I would let him have a popsicle, so I got the bright idea to blend some fruit up mix it with some formula and freeze it, this was a big hit!!! He thought he was getting a popsicle and I was feeling better because he was eating, WIN WIN!


  1. You are a smart momma!! He is sooo sweet and I am so glad he now has a tooth. That teething can be rough on those sweet babies!! He sure does have great parents!

  2. Great idea! I wouldn't have thought of that - I would have probably just given her popsicles - HA! (Mom of the year). I'll have to remember this little trick if we start dealing with painful teething. She has 4 teeth so far and hasn't had too much pain, that she's shown anyway.