Sunday, May 26, 2013

She tiny!

Well there is no doubt Hudson loves his baby sissy because he is ALL OVER her! He's not rough he's actually very gentle most of the time. His favorite thing to say when people ask about her is "she tiny I love her". So sweet:)! 

He thinks she needs to nap with him. I of course move her after he falls asleep. But some days he will not lay down until I bring her in there.
But he also thinks he needs to check on her constantly while she naps. So funny because she already huffs and rolls her eyes when he comes around when she's trying to nap! 
We made our first family outing when she was four days old. We went to Brandon's grandparents for lunch.
Then that Monday I had to run errands and she had a doctors apt. It was the first time I've had to manage a newborn and a toddler. Thank goodness it was a success;)

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