Friday, May 31, 2013

Funday Friday

Today was Kinley's first day out of school. Love having all my kids home. We slept in. Ate lunch at McDonald's (Kinley's choice def not my fav!) she played with Hudson in the play place.
Then we went to creekmore park to play.
We of course road the train. Which is absolute heaven for my train obsessed boy!
Then finished the day up with snocones!
A lot of my friends always tell me how jealous they are of me having such the age gap because Kinley is such a great helper. Which she is!!! But in the same breath it's hard because I lug a toddler & a newborn to 4 hour long track meets & school functions. And I know Kinley doesn't love playing in the play place or going to toddler time at the library but I'm so thankful she does & that she doesn't complain about it:) 

Thankful for all my kidos and every different stage of life they are in. Teenager Toddler Newborn. Life is interesting!!!

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