Sunday, May 26, 2013

And then there were 3!

Well we became the proud parents of three on April 8th, 2013. Last picture of this pregnant girl!

We checked into the hospital at 6am and they broke my water at 1 that afternoon. Everything went so well aside from the fact that my epidural didn't work which was fine since I never felt any bad contractions. Tons of friends and family were in and out so it was easy not to focus on the pain. I only had to push a few times but not gonna lie those four pushes were the most intense 15 minutes of my life!!! Miss Analyn Kate arrived around 5:15 weighing 6lbs 8oz and 19 1/2 inches long with just a smidge of hair. 
Nothing describes the love you instantly feel for your newborn baby!! 
Brandon wasnt to sure what to think about having a baby girl but I'm quite sure she already has her daddy's heart:)
So thankful for all our friends and family who came to welcome our girl into the world. Even Kaylor came to visit only being three weeks old. We will use this picture for their wedding slide show;)
And here she is all ready to go home! Very happy that we only had to stay 24hours I was ready to be back home with our little family.

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