Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To be more like her.

I got a surprise email yesterday from a teacher at Kinley's school. I had never heard of this teacher before so I had no clue what this would be about. She said that she just wanted to take a minute and praise my daughter!

Kinley is a library aide during her study hall hour. This teacher had brought her students in to check out books. One boy couldn't find the book he wanted. So he went to the desk and proceeded to cuss at Kinley and throw things. Just really made an ugly scene the teacher said. She said Kinley handled herself with such grace and in such an adult like manner. They then removed the boy from the library. The teacher said she was so surprised to get a knock on her classroom door only to find Kinley there with the book that boy had wanted. She said it almost brought tears to her eyes that she cared that much to make that boy happy that she had never met and had just cussed her out moments before.

This boy was autistic. The teacher said even most adults wouldn't have went thru the trouble to make him happy after the things he had done. Love it when my baby girl sets such a great example not only for her classmates but me as well!

Hudson and I decided sissy needed a special treat to let her know how thankful we are that her faith leads her actions at all times.


  1. That is awesome! Kinley really is an amazing you lady!!

  2. Hey Ashley! how's your pregnancy going?? it's a girl right??