Friday, October 19, 2012

He's TWO!!!

My baby man turned two yesterday!!!! I can get tears just saying that! He is growing up SO FAST! I can't even begin to think of all the new things he can say because its something new every time he opens his mouth it seems like. He now jumps with both feet and he thinks its hilarious!:)

He is just a joy to our family and I thank God EVERY DAY for this boy! He changed our lives in more ways than I ever thought he would. I tell him daily he's a baby blessing to momma. And I know he listens because a little girl at church said to him "you a boy" and he said "no I a blessing!" So cute:)

The saying "the best things in life are worth the wait" holds so true when it comes to this boy! Love him more than any words could ever begin to say.

Happy 2nd birthday my sweet Hudson James!!!

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