Thursday, March 3, 2011

So grateful...

The last Sunday in October we got ready for church as a family of four for he first time. I knew this would be an emotinal day for me as a I held this 6 day old miracle in my arms beacuse it would be his first time in church where so many prayers had been said for him. I sat that there so proud & so thankful for this amazing life I had been blessed with, I was just overwhelmed. So as Brother Tony began to preach my tears flowed like crazy. He began talking about the orphans in Haiti and how our Church was going to send a mission team every month to help an orphanage there. Feed, clothe, build, minister to just anything & everything they can. We then watched a video clip that showed some children over there. I just looked at Hudson, he will never go hungry, unloved, or unbathed, he will attend school, feel safe at home, attend church, have toys and birthday partys. Our worst will never even be their best. When we say we are starving because we didn't get to eat lunch at 12 we really have no idea what hunger is. My tiny apartment in college could quite possibly be their dream home. Those clothes I don't want to wear because their "old" might be the best outfit they have ever owned. The legos I throw away because I get tired of stepping on them in the floor might have been the only toy they had ever seen. That new purse I just had to have wouldn't mean much to them because they have no posessions to put in it. I could just go on and on... I'm grateful.

I am so thankful to attend a Chuch that is so mission oriented. It is our job. I am so thankful for my friends and Church family who are or who have gone on mission trips. I'm not going to lie the thought of flying across the world to a desolate area terrifies me. At this point in my life I know that is not a call on my life but who knows what the future could hold. But I do feel the need to tell people they need help! Mission trips are not cheap they are not free. So whatever any of us can do will be so appreciated and put to good use! If we all could just give a little it could change so much. Even if you could give up eating out one time a month and donate that money you would have used it seriously could make a childs life better!!!


  1. GREAT post, Ash! And so true! We have so much and I've been thinking a lot lately about my life and my "wants" - are they really necessary? Probably not! Mike's trip to Haiti changed him. We are planning to go back as a couple in October. I agree with you, I'm scared, worried, nervous to leave my kids, etc, etc, etc. But, like Mike said, what better way to celebrate 10 blessed years of marriage than to go give some of it away?! So, that's where we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year. :) Thanks for the reminder - I need to think about it daily! Love ya!

  2. You are so right.. I think about these things often, but not near enough! :)