Monday, March 14, 2011

7 years!!!

 7 years ago today I was boarding a plane for my honeymoon!! Oh what I wouldn't give to be back on those sandy beaches in Nassau right now!!! Yesterday was our 7 year wedding anniversary, time flies! I just can't believe it has been that long because it seems like a long time when you say we've been married 7 years but really it has went so fast it doesn't even seem near that long. When I look back at what I had "imagined" our  life would be like compared to what it is now it is really the complete oppisite! And I am so thankful for that. I thought we would have moved to Van Buren where all of Brandon's family lives but instead we built a house in Rye Hill so still Greenwood schools but close to Fort Smith to. I thought I would still be working at the hospital like I was when we first met but now staying home with the sweetest boy ever:). I thought we would be done having kids by now but really just got started! lol I thought we would have a cute little family dog but anyone who knows us knows we should not own a dog;) I thought we would be still going to Church with Brandon's family but instead we found a Church and made our own Church family. There are so may things I had planned for our lives some came true some proved to be not for us. But this life I live is just amazing for me! Every morning when I pray with Hudson as we start our day I say Thank you Lord for another day in this life & boy do I mean it! Guess it just goes to show we can plan and plan (which I am the HUGEST planner) but God's plan always preveals and is always better! And that's what makes life so wonderful:)


  1. I am a big planner too Ashley. God has taught me how much greater His plans are than mine so it's okay if mine get ruined. :)

    Happy anniversary to 2 wonderful people!

  2. Thanks Beck!!!

    Yes his plans are always sooo much better you would think I would quit planning already! lol

  3. Oh wow 7 years that is amazing!!!! I would say your life is just about perfect :) Maybe another baby or 2 lol. Happy belated Anniversary :)

  4. Thanks Angela! 7 years def feels like an accomplishment! lol