Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nature day.

Wednesday we meet some of friends at the nature center.
As soon as these 3 saw each other they said hey friends & just took off! I love watching Hudson interact with his little friends.
These two are just two peas in a pod! They share  a love for dirt rocks and sticks. Oh and yelling mom mom momma!! :)
We played inside for a bit then went outside for our scavenger hunt. The kids had so much fun looking for everything on their list. The boys may have gotten a tad distracted when we would pass by a rock and they would just have to throw it in the water:)) Then we had a peaceful picnic lunch. And by peaceful I mean we all at least got to eat! Ha having 5 three year olds and four babies is no joke at meal time!
Hudson may have had a hard time seeing what was on his list since he colored all over it.
The kids had such a great time. Hudson cried when we left. He has told me several times mom if you take me back to my friends I will be nice and never cry again! Haha I wish!😂

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