Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Thanksgiving

Every Thursday in November I wrote something I was thankful for but a year full of Thursday's couldn't come close to counting all our blessings. We just have so much to be grateful for and I pray I don't take the little blessings for granted.

We spent today with Brandon's family. Ate a lot and just sat around and watched the kids play. Hudson had turkey and dressing but his favorite was the cranberry sauce- go figure! He fed himself the entire meal with a fork- Ahhhh my baby is getting big! Kinley helped me bake which is something we love to do together!!! Just before we poured the cake in the pan we realized we forgot a whole cup of sugar! Haha that's what happens when you are cooking multiple things with a wild baby at your feet;)! But of course Hudson always finds something to play with while we are cooking.

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