Friday, November 4, 2011


So it has taken me a year to come to grips with house may never be clean again!!! Hahaha Seriously you would think staying home I would be able to do so much more but in reality the more I do the messier it somehow gets??? I use to come home everyday from work and just tidy up a bit and the house always looked spotless but now I could clean all day and it still looks "nice and lived in". But I'm ok with this because afterall I am cleaning up after the cutest boy I know:)

There will always be food under the highchair.
There will always be hand & feet prints on my freshly mopped hardwood floors.
There will always be laundry to be done.
There will always be dust on something.

But I won't always have a baby to chase after and clean up after so I have just decided to clean less and play more.  And just make memories in this mess of mine:)

                                                                   Happy Friday!

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