Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Only at Walmart!?

Shy, quiet, reserved, mommas boy, and gasp...spoiled!!! Are all things my baby boy has been called! The spoiled part he is my baby and I plan to "spoil" him til the day I die! I am his momma!:)

Hudson can talk very well. He can say lots of sentences. And knows when to say please, thank you and amen! BUT if he is not comfortable around you you will hear none of those things! He's just plain shy! He must get that from his daddy because momma could talk to a tree stump;)

But as we were at walmart last week he was not shy one bit! He said hi to every person we passed. Asked an older lady to hold him! Saw a girl eating a cookie and asked for a bite please?! (which she offered him a bite!! And if you know me at all you know I hate germs! So that totally sicked me out!) I mean he literally talked to everyone he saw! It shocked me because he is usually so quiet around some family let alone strangers! Guess walmart brings out a little spunk in my shy boy;)

I must admit there are times where I wish he weren't so shy but that shy sweet smile he flashes melts me every time! But don't get me wrong he's not shy and quiet all the time, if he knows you well enough he gets hyper and wild real fast!!!


  1. He just looks so big now! I would love to have seen him in wal-mart that day. How cute!